The Outsideman PosterThe Outsideman is a short film based on a feature length screenplay created by Writer/Director Matthew Kadish.  The story centers around the con-artist duo of Vegas Jackman and Conrad Coleman as they stumble into intense situations with various criminal marks, and have to rely on their wits, skills, and copious amounts of luck to get them out of their cons safely.

The film stars Jeremy Renner (Hurt Locker) as Vegas Jackman, the young and reckless con man, and James McEachin (Play Misty For Me) as his seasoned and salty partner trying to keep Vegas from biting off more than he can chew (and usually failing).

The short film is a stand-alone adventure based around the character’s from Kadish’s feature script.  It was created in an effort to attract funding for a trilogy of films based around the con men and their adventures.  The Outsideman, an original screenplay, was a quarter-finalist in the 2001 Nicholl Fellowship Screenwriting contest.  This lead to an opportunity to develop the script through the Los Angeles Film School.  There, Kadish made the decision to do a stand-alone short based on his feature script. This way he could showcase his ability to direct actors, sell aspects of his feature, and have an accomplished work to submit to film festivals – in short, he crafted a calling card piece.

Kadish teamed up with producer Rosalee Mayeux and cinematographer Marco Fargnoli and began prep on the short film.  Kadish tapped his friend James McEachin, whom he’d met on the set of the TV show FIRST MONDAY, to play the second lead in the short, while Mayeux found the ideal actor in Jeremy Renner, a young up-and-comer whose work knocked Kadish off his feet in his audition. They then cast John Gallucci as the bad guy Bully Malone.

The last piece of casting was pure serendipity.  Billy Drago, cult TV and movie star, best known for his portrayal as gangster Frank Nitti in The Untouchables said he’d love to be part of the film.

There was a very important piece of the puzzle that Kadish didn’t need any help with. Listening to a tape of music his brother, Paul, had written and played guitar on, Kadish was inspired and knew it had to be his brother who would compose the score. With the full cast and crew ready to go, there was only one thing left to do – shoot the film.

The Outsideman made its world-wide premiere at the Cannes Film Festival shorts category and was one of the best received short films in the festival, even getting a write-up in Variety.

Kadish is currently hoping to find financial backing for his trilogy of movies and hopes to move forward with the feature version of his script with Jeremy Renner and James McEachin attached to star.