The Crew

MATTHEW KADISH (Writer/Director):

Born at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, Matthew Kadish grew up in many places, from Washington, D.C. to Germany, as his father’s career in the Air Force took the family to far flung locations, but he has always considered Ohio home. His mother, Cindy, a movie buff, instilled her love of the medium to her sons, Matthew, Paul and Brian, and they watched cartoons and videos that were a continuing thread in their lives as they moved around. The one film that stood out from the pack and to this day holds a special place in Kadish’s heart was STAR WARS, the first film Matt owned. When they moved back to Ohio, Kadish’s list of favorite movies expanded, and when he saw TERMINATOR II and its dazzling special effects, he knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life – work in the movies.

Going to his local library to find out everything he could about special effects, the only book available was a large, heavy book called, Industrial Light and Magic: The Art of Special Effects. Inspired by the book, he took his dad’s 1985 GE VHS camcorder and started making stop motion movies with his Transformers. Spending hours and hours making these movies (instead of doing school work), the end product would usually be a crude animation that lasted 30 seconds. As he learned more, he realized he didn’t want to be the guy to execute the special effects, but the guy who wanted to tell the special effects artists what he wanted – in a word, the Director. When it came to deciding what to shoot, again, his mother, an English teacher who loved to write and tell stories, influenced Kadish. Her love of the written word led Kadish to write his own stories. Taking a page out of Hitchcock’s book, he would storyboard them, gather his friends to join him as cast and crew, and he soon became known as the local filmmaker. In high school, involved in A/V and theatre, he began producing a weekly show that he wrote, edited, and directed, and produced his first film, a 30-minute black and white crime drama, THE HIT – all on the whopping production budget of $100.

Kadish then wrote his first feature-length script, a continuation of the cult classic Evil Dead series. While researching the series online in the Evil Dead newsgroup, Kadish met actor Bruce Campbell, who called the young filmmaker, giving him advice on everything from film school to writing tips (at the time, Campbell was working on a script called the NUTTY NUT) to industry gossip. He was the first celebrity to take an interest in Kadish, and his support has continued to be an inspiration to this day. In fact, Kadish always includes a special thanks credit for Campbell on all of his films for the inspiration he gave to him.

Helped by using purloined equipment from the local public access station in his high school, Kadish shot an 85-minute horror movie called THE THANATOS MASK, which he finished by skipping classes and staying after school. Although not the recommended way to get into college, it paid off for Kadish, who went on to Penn State University, attending the College of Communications, where he directed 4 short films. In his senior year, he again purloined equipment from the school to shoot his own project, not endorsed by the school, where he acted as Director, Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, Sound Man, and Editor. The process was so fulfilling that Kadish decided to submit another script he had written, THE OUTSIDEMAN, to the Nichol’s Fellowship Screenwriting Contest. While not making the cut there, Kadish used the script as his calling card, which paid off when he was accepted into the Los Angeles Film School program. It is under the auspices of the school that Kadish wrote and directed his stand-alone short, THE OUTSIDEMAN, soon to be developed as a feature film project.


The multi-talented producer Rosalee Mayeux started her career as a print model with Eileen Ford in New York and Johnny Casablancas in Europe before returning to New York to study with Robert Modica at Carnegie Hall. Remarkably, in her first audition as an actress, Mayeux was awarded a comedy development deal with Columbia Pictures Television, and another contract with ABC soon followed. But acting didn’t satisfy all of Mayeux’s talents. While doing a staged reading of the dark comedy by Marion Gallo, CHRISTMAS NOIR, at the Coronet Theatre in Los Angeles, Mayeux was so impressed with the writer that she promoted Gallo until the play became a screenplay, for which Mayeux helped negotiate several option deals. Gallo subsequently secured representation with agent Scott Penney at the Chasin Agency, and CHRISTMAS NOIR will most likely be produced in New York in 2004 under Mayeux’s company banner, SAH Productions, in conjunction with Richard Wenk (JUST THE TICKET). It will be directed by award-winning helmer Jim McBride (THE BIG EASY, SIX FEET UNDER), and will star Joe Mantegna.

Her next project, the comedy BLEEP THE PARENTS, is in development with Grand Illusions, a company founded by Ed Elbert (ANNA AND THE KING), Jonathan Sanger (THE ELEPHANT MAN, VANILLA SKY), and Sarah Black, a former senior vice president at Tom Cruise’s production company, Cruise/Wagner.

Mayeux, scholarshiped in the Los Angeles Film School’s Feature Development Program as a producer, has selected two terrific young writer/directors to work with on development of their features. In addition to THE OUTSIDEMAN, Mayeux’s second project under the aegis of the film school is Vincent Foster’s THE NAKED RUN..

While consumed by her producing career, Mayeux continues to perform in front of the camera and on stage. In addition to numerous appearances in such diverse commercials as Aqua Fresh, Hefty, T.J. Maxx, Charles Schwab, and a Visa spot where she co-starred with Shirley MacLaine, Mayeux will be seen on the big screen in P.J. Hogan’s WHO KILLED VICTOR FOX, starring Kathy Bates. She is also part of the permanent actors group for PKE, the reading series at the Coronet Theatre, run by Dee Gee Entertainment. An accomplished writer, Mayeux’s credits include several short stories, one of which won the Moondance Film Festival’s 2002 Columbine Award for promoting non-violent conflict resolution. COYOTE NIGHTS is now being made into a documentary, and her soon-to-be published short story, MAMA’S EYES, will be read by Mayeux at Spoken Interludes in Los Angeles in June 2003. Mayeux is represented by Buzz Halliday & Associates for theatrical, and Special Artists Agency for commercials.

MARCO FARGNOLI (Cinematographer):

Marco FargnoliMarco Fargnoli began his film career after graduating from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. He began shooting low-budget features and music videos in Chicago, before relocating to Los Angeles six years ago. His 2nd Unit Director, 1st Camera Operator and Director of Photography work can be seen in REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES; the recent HBO action film A BETTER WAY TO DIE; and his TV and documentary work includes such clients as NBC, the History Channel, Travel Channel, Gameshow Network, and the Sundance Institute. His features and short films have picked up awards at Houston Worldfest, BACA, Cinequest, and he has won the HBO Short Film Award. Fargnoli¹s latest projects are the independent features SOLITUDE, THE DOGWALKER, and STRING THEORY (Winner, Audience Award – Dances With Films Festival 2002).