The Trilogy

The Outsideman is part of a planned Trilogy of films based around con man Vegas Jackman.  The trilogy follows Vegas as he grows from a two-bit small time hustler to pulling off the most impossible con ever imagined, against some of the most dangerous people in the world.  The following three movies have already been written:

The Outsideman ScriptThe Outsideman: After the murder of his father – a legendary con man – Vegas Jackman travels to Kansas City to find his dad’s long time partner, Conrad Coleman.  Conrad informs Vegas about a ruthlessly brilliant gangster named Victor Lucien, who’s responsible for his father’s death, and how the city is about to ignite into full blown war between two rival mafia families.  Determined to get revenge, Vegas vows to finish his father’s con and take down the man responsible for his death.  But things aren’t as easy as they might seem.  In addition to a ruthless bodyguard, a sexy femme fatal, a hard-nosed police commissioner, and a cunning rival ganglord, Vegas must also keep from getting killed by a psychotic Armenian gangster from his past who’s obsessed with revenge.  Amidst plots and counter-plots, double-crosses, and ever increasing stakes, can Vegas pull off the perfect con against the most deadly mark anyone has ever seen?

Angel City Vice: After the events of the first movie, Vegas and Conrad travel to Los Angeles where an old associate gets them in over their heads in a dust up between the Chinese Government, the Mexican Gangs, and the Russian Mafia.  But sensing opportunity, Vegas quickly outlines a plan to salvage the situation and pull in the biggest score of his life.  However, the mark at the center of it all – billionaire industrialist Roderick Donnovan – isn’t what he seems, and quickly reveals himself to be a cunning and deadly adversary.  Hunted by a ruthless assassin, harassed by the ATF, and caught in a web of lies and intrigue that reveal a shocking secret about Vegas’s past, can this small time con man keep it together long enough to survive, let alone pull off the biggest con the west coast has ever seen?

South Beach Blues scriptSouth Beach Blues: On the run from a bounty put on him and his team’s head by Mr. Big, the biggest crime boss in the United States, Vegas decides its time to stop playing defense and go on the offense.  Vegas and his crew travel to Miami to track down the mysterious crime boss and take him down once and for all, in an effort to save their own skins.  But things go from desperate to hopeless as Vegas’s old nemesis, Victor Lucien, reappears and unravels Vegas’s plans with deadly consequences.  Now, in order to beat Lucien, save his friends, and take on the most dangerous criminal in the world, Vegas has to become the one thing he’d never thought he could be – a winner.

The Outsideman trilogy is a funny, smart, and exciting look at the world of con men, grifters, and organized crime in the vein of Oceans Eleven and The Sting, with a healthy dose of Lethal Weapon thrown in just for kicks.